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With a commute to Toronto, international travel and 2 teenagers with extracurricular activities it was impossible for me to get into a fitness routine. I also wanted to find something my husband and I could do together. Hiring Sarah as our personal trainer was the best investment we have made. She comes to our home 3 times per week - when one of us is traveling she works with the other. Think about can always talk yourself out of going to the gym etc...but when your trainer knocks on your door you've got to do it!

Lisa Parker

Guelph, Ontario

Sarah is in a league all her own when it comes to personal training. I specifically had to find a trainer who would come to me because I have a child with special needs and cannot get to a gym. Sarah is always knowledgeable, professional, compassionate and motivating. She tailors workouts to fit your individual needs and ability. I wouldn't go with anyone else!

Shannon Rus

Guelph, Ontario

I really can't explain how great of a trainer Sarah is. Every session is exciting and you never know what to expect. I have had other trainers but she is at the top of her game. I would recommend Sarah no matter what physical condition you are in or what age you are she is the best! Give her a try and you will not regret it. I found her very affordable

Ruth Ann Mitchell

Guelph, Ontario

Sarah is an excellent trainer...she pushes you to limits that you didn't think you had! Always changing it up with new exercises. She listens to what you want out of it and makes it happen! I love a great sense of helps me get through the hard stuff. We laugh alot as she works me hard....I look forward to my time with Sarah each week!

Karen Duffy

Guelph, Ontario

Sarah is the instructor for my strollerfit class. I am so glad I came across Sarah's class. Even though I can only go to her class once a week, I have seen great results that I would not have seen otherwise. Sarah's workouts are well thought-out and make maximum use of the time. I have noticed that my strength and endurance improves with each class. I would definitely recommend Sarah

Katrina ​Baker

Guelph, Ontario

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